Lisa Montanaro

Lisa is what happens when brains, charisma, and heart collide! Whether presenting live or virtually, Lisa will captivate your audience with rich content, solid strategies, powerful stories, and interactive exercises, blended with humor and warmth that ties it all together.

The stage presence of a performer, the brains of a lawyer, and the heart of a teacher of the deaf ~ all wrapped up into one to deliver a productive, purposeful and passionate presentation!

Looking for a Dynamic Speaker? Look no further!

Lisa Montanaro is The Real Deal!

Hailing originally from NY, Lisa offers “straight talk” in a down-to-earth style so that participants leave her presentations feeling like they had a powerful and directed conversation with a whip-smart and funny friend. Lisa instills in audience members that “I can do this” attitude so they walk away uplifted and ready to get started. Participants will have a clear road map that provides clarity and structure in all aspects of their lives.

Lisa is the right speaker for your upcoming live or virtual event if:


Your group consists of business owners or career professionals;


You want attendees to feel inspired and motivated;


You want to increase productivity and change their mindset;


You want attendees to feel motivated about their work and life;


You want attendees to feel more focused on a daily basis;


You want a powerful, uplifting presentation that will empower and move your audience to action.

Deaf and Hard-of Hearing Audiences Welcome!

Speaker Materials

It is a great thrill and honor to use the stage as a way to change people’s lives, impact their work, and to ultimately contribute to the transformation of society and the world. Engaging with people is one of my favorite things to do. I find human behavior fascinating and am a lifelong learner that tries to see the world as an amazing school that can constantly fill me up with knowledge and insight. Passing on what I’ve learned to my audiences is an absolute joy and privilege.

Speaker Bio

They say that “Good things come in small packages” and Lisa Montanaro is walking, talking proof that this adage is true! As the founder and CEO of Lisa Montanaro Global Enterprises, LLC, she operates a coaching, consulting, and speaking firm serving clients across the globe from beautiful Northern California. A dynamo in high heels, she’s an accomplished author, engaging speaker, certified productivity consultant, and motivating team development and peak performance coach. Lisa has a proven track record of empowering teams and individuals and igniting productivity since 2002. Her clients include CEOs, managers, business owners, and organizational leaders who are looking for the answer to the question, “How do I live a productive and happy life while also enjoying, and thriving in, my career?” Lisa helps clients step into Center Stage Success.

For almost 20 years, Lisa has shared her expertise on productivity, life-work balance, and cultivating a happier and more motivating workplace culture. Audiences have related so much to her strategies, stories, and lessons that attendees have wanted to take her back with them to the office. Lisa provides a unique perspective on building habits and systems that create long-term measurable results.

Lisa has published in numerous online and print publications, and is a frequent guest for television, podcasts, and radio shows. Known for her combination of warmth, humor, and know-how, Lisa delivers straight talk in a manner that is informative and entertaining.

Author of the books The Ultimate Life Organizer and DECIDE to be Organized: An Empowering Process for Change, Lisa has a Bachelor’s Degree in speech communication, psychology and political science, and a Juris Doctorate degree in Law. In 2007, she became an inaugural Certified Organizing and Productivity Consultant (CPO). 

Before embarking on her journey as a coach, consultant, and speaker, Lisa was a performer, an instructor and interpreter at a high school for deaf students, practiced employment and labor relations law, and was a law school professor and higher education administrator. Hailing originally from New York, since 2012 Lisa has enjoyed life with her veterinarian husband and their two crazy rescue mutts in beautiful Northern California.

Most requested Speaking programs


Don’t see a topic that matches your group’s needs? Lisa works with you and your group to deliver presentations that address individual, organizational, and meeting objectives, ask for Custom Presentations.
Crazy Busy Isn’t a Badge of Honor: Be Productive, Not Busy!
Stop the glorification of busy… instead of bragging about being “crazy-busy,” start getting things done! Time is one of our most precious resources. Yet we battle daily to make the best use of it. This presentation addresses how to get more done in less time with less stress by maximizing your productivity and setting priorities. Learn to pinpoint where you need to take control. Improve your comprehension and focus and more effectively perform when juggling people, paper, and priorities. Topics include: self-assessment, tools of time management, how to say no, project lists and to-do lists, conquering procrastination, the myth of multi-tasking, and dealing with interruptions.
21st Century Tools to Boost Productivity

Confused by all of the emerging tools that you can use on your smart phone, lap top, tablet, and at-home computer? Want to figure out a way to use old fashioned methods combined with newer ones? Finding it hard to keep up, let alone stay ahead and master the ones that are best for you? Then this workshop is for you! Learn tips, tricks and tools for boosting productivity, including electronic options, such as applications, software, and other technology-related programs.

Designed to teach participants how to master technology, use it to their advantage and not let it take over their life! Many of us have powerful devices at our disposal, but don’t harness their power to boost our productivity. Learn the tools you have, expand your knowledge of what’s available, and ask questions to make sense of the ever-growing array of products available. Rule your technology, don’t let it rule you!

Don’t Be a See-Saw Anymore: Go Beyond “Balance” and Engage in Life-Work Integration

One of the greatest challenges for busy, successful and creative people juggling several projects, talents and ideas is to live a well-rounded life. If only we could “balance” the creative and the practical, the personal and the professional, the urgent and the important. If only we could do all that is on our personal and professional ‘to do’ lists while simultaneously attending to our health, nurturing our important relationships, and taking good care of our responsibilities. What if the whole concept of life-work balance is a myth that compels us to view an ideal life as a perfectly level see saw?

On one side is your personal life. On the other side is your work life. With heroic efforts, you can keep both sides exactly level. If one starts to tip too far, you make some kind of nifty move that balances them again. In reality, that perfect balance almost never occurs, except for those rare, fleeting moments when each side passes each other on the way up or down — and we’re often too frazzled to appreciate that brief moment of self-actualization anyway.

In this engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking presentation, Lisa challenges the status quo thinking of trying to achieve the ever- elusive quest of life-work “balance.”  Lisa asks participants to shed their old way of thinking and embrace an integrated approach to the life-work model. She inspires participants to stop trying to balance the mythical see-saw so that work and family demands and rewards are exactly even and, instead, take steps to integrate the two for greater happiness and control.

DECIDE to Be Organized!® An Empowering Process for Change

The single most important characteristic that separates organized people and organizations from disorganized people and organizations is decisiveness. Too often seen as completely separate efforts, organizing and decision-making skills amplify the power of each other when properly combined. In this entertaining and engaging keynote, Lisa will share valuable tips on how to effectively organize your time, space, paper and possessions by practicing good decision-making techniques, creating a system that works, and integrating the system into your life.

This presentation empowers participants to discover their unique organizing style and develop organizing systems tailored to their individual work habits and life style.

Discover how to manage shifting priorities, time constraints, and juggle multiple projects by modifying behavior, learning effective planning skills, and knowing when and how to let go and say no. Become an effective and quick decision-maker.

Mastering the Art of Delegation: Using the Power of Other People
One of the surest ways to become overwhelmed is to try to do everything yourself in the workplace. In order to grow and be more efficient and successful, you must learn to delegate. Mastering the art of delegation is the idea of utilizing the knowledge, strengths, creativity and ingenuity of all the people in an organization toward creating continuous improvement in the workplace. This presentation helps attendees learn to identify what tasks and responsibilities to let go of, who to delegate to (hint: you can delegate to almost anyone, including yourself!), how to effectively delegate, and the tools to keep track of the path of delegation.
CULTURE: Creating a Positive Workplace

In successful organizations, employees work together in effective and collaborative ways. Research demonstrates that workplaces that prioritize compassion, diversity in work styles, and other positive behaviors can increase employee job satisfaction, personal and organizational productivity, loyalty, and collaboration among employees at all levels of the organization. Compassion for each other‘s needs and styles and having a “glass half full” attitude can make any job more enjoyable and rewarding.

In this entertaining, engaging, and educational presentation, Lisa guides participants in exploring the important connections between compassion, productivity, and positivity, and how these qualities play out in the workplace and in our lives. Drawing on cutting edge research as well as inspiring success stories and models, Lisa will empower participants to use the power of positive psychology in various forms to create a more compassionate, productive, and creative workplace.

Using practical strategies, participants will learn how to be more positive and compassionate in their interactions with others at work, discover and engage their Moral Compass, and develop a success-driven attitude. This presentation is designed to help participants deepen their connections to other people, and to be more proactive and productive in their personal and professional lives.

The Brand Called You: Personal and Professional Branding in the 21st Century

A personal brand is a way of communicating what is inherently you. It is up to you to create, mold, protect, and promote your brand in the workplace. This interactive, inspiring, and informative presentation is designed to assist participants in identifying their personal brand, and then using it effectively in their professional life.

Learn the components of showcasing your brand, including visual, auditory, print, and online through conducting a Personal Brand Audit, and how to showcase your brand to make the biggest impact. Through interactive exercises and examples, learn what makes you unique, how to stand out from the crowd, and how to use your brand to be successful in your personal and professional life. Create your Personal Brand Impact Plan for the future.

“So, What Do You Do?”: Perfect Your Elevator Pitch!
Never hesitate or want to run and hide when asked the question, “So, what do you do?” again. Learn how to create your unique elevator pitch, which is an expression of who you are, what makes you stand out, and why others will want to work with you. Discover what your Unique Selling Proposition is, your brand touch points, and how to convey what you do in a way that grab’s people’s attention and makes them want to know more. Learn how to tailor your elevator pitch to different recipients and situations.
Creative Conflict Resolution: Using Coaching and Mediation Principles to Get Along in the Workplace
Of all the resources we manage, people are the most complex and difficult. This session is designed to help attendees assess themselves and those they work with to strive for a harmonious work environment. Professionals that utilize effective coaching skills in the workplace produce significantly better results. Developing a coaching culture in the workplace includes focusing on solutions (not problems), inspiring people to achieve their best, opening up communication channels, reducing conflict, and increasing staff retention. Effective coaching leads to increased productivity, greater happiness, and satisfaction at work. Concepts of facilitative mediation will also be introduced to assist attendees in creatively resolving conflicts that may arise.
Be The Best Version of YOU in the Workplace
Understanding personality styles, introversion and extroversion, and generational differences is not only fascinating, but valuable in a modern workplace where organizations aim to maximize their employees’ skills and talents, and employees seek careers and positions that are fulfilling and satisfying. This presentation is designed to help participants better understand themselves, conceptualize how they fit into their organization, and better navigate interpersonal relations within the workplace.
Crafting and Delivering Dynamic Presentations
Want to learn how to be a great public speaker? Look no further! Learn how to conduct engaging, informative, and interactive presentations to audiences large and small. Discover tips to improve your oral and nonverbal communication styles, inspire and motivate participants, and exude confidence and enthusiasm, while establishing credibility. Whether conducting formal speaking engagements, trainings, meetings, or one-on-one discussions, this interactive workshop will teach you how to overcome your fear of public speaking and connect with your audience/listener. Lisa’s background as a teacher, lawyer, and performer has provided her with years of experience and expertise in speaking before live audiences. Lisa’s presentations are informative, as well as interactive and entertaining. So get ready to have fun while learning how to be a dynamic speaker!
Dynamic Public Speaking Practice Lab: Stand & Deliver
Typically, offered as a follow-up to Crafting and Delivering Dynamic Presentations, this practice lab offers an opportunity for participants to practice public speaking skills, get coaching, guidance, and feedback, and work through specific content that they may plan to present in the future. This interactive, small-group lab allows participants the chance to work in a safe supportive setting with other like-minded attendees to develop content, get some spotlight speaker coaching, have a chance to practice, and get quality feedback. Whether conducting lectures, training, orientations, staff meetings, interviews, pitches, or one-on-one discussions, this practice lab will help you overcome any residual fear of public speaking, gain confidence, and connect with an audience/listener. The coaching feedback provided will be tailored to your unique needs, and delivered in a positive, supportive manner to help build your speaking muscles and get you excited to use them! While this is a natural complement to the public speaking workshop that Lisa delivers, that one is not a prerequisite.
Transferable Talent: Thinking Outside the Box in Your Career

Have you ever wondered if you could succeed in another role, department, or even another organization? Understanding how your transferable skills can be applied to another role is essential for today’s savvy professionals. In this upbeat workshop, you will learn why transferable skills matter, find out how to determine what skills your next position requires, acquire strategies for assessing and highlighting transferable skills, create a Transferable Skills Checklist, and learn some tips on personal and professional branding. This is your opportunity to think outside the box about your transferable talent—while having fun.

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