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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, manager of a team, crave a more satisfying career, need to boost your productivity, or want to become a dynamic public speaker, I offer something to support you in achieving your goals.

“Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner.” ~ Les Brown


Organizations are living breathing organisms that depend on their internal structures to work efficiently and effectively in order to thrive. Success is contingent on clear goals and objectives, strong leadership, motivated participation, and a supportive environment. I help optimize business and organizational performance in these areas so your firm, company, or organization can meet and exceed expectations.

I offer in-depth consulting for corporations, non-profits, government agencies, small businesses, associations, colleges and universities, and many other types of organizations. Consulting is offered across divisions and departments, or organization-wide, for staff, leaders or boards, and is designed to address issues such as workplace morale, productivity, strategic planning, and conflict resolution. Consulting is custom-designed to address specific areas in which breakthrough improvement is sought.

Speaking & Training

I work with organizations as a speaker and consultant to help them improve the workplace, on an organizational and individual employee level, by teaching them tools to be happier, more motivated, and productive.

I speak and train for public and private sector organizations on workplace issues, including productivity, conflict resolution, branding, motivating your workforce, and organizational development, as well as conduct strategic planning for boards, and focus groups for employees.

Freelance Writing

I offer freelance writing for online publications and non-profit organizations. Former clients include Comstock’s Business Magazine, The Bike Campaign, Hudson Valley Magazine, and the Poughkeepsie Journal. Visit my writer website for more information about my writing experience and expertise, and to read some of my published pieces.

Contact me if you’re interested in customized writing assignments for your publication or non-profit organization. 

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