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As a former practicing attorney and long-time entrepreneur, I take my business very seriously and love sharing best practices with others. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching and training hundreds of clients how to run an effective business, and have converted that knowledge into several online products.

Lisa these documents are great! Knowing that a former lawyer with detailed knowledge of a service-based industry created them gives me complete peace of mind. The ongoing updates you provide are such a bonus too! Thank you. ~ Jan Lehman, CTC Productivity


Business Foundations Template Package

Template Package

Many of my clients were looking for quality, vetted foundational templates, agreements, and materials they could use in their business. Therefore, I developed my Business Foundations Template Package for service-based clients. These are the same documents I’ve been using for years successfully in my own business. 

They provide the foundation of a well-protected business legally and financially. They make it easier to operate your business, and to sell it someday as the business is “blueprinted” through the use of these templates over time.

Designed by an attorney, professional organizer and business coach/consultant/strategist, they are field tested and will save you from having to reinvent the wheel, copy something from the internet that is not applicable and will, therefore, not hold up in court, or spend tons of money on an expensive attorney that doesn’t understand the organizing industry.


Client Agreement Template for Professional Organizers (PDF and Word versions, plus 2 accompanying articles as resources)

One of the most important documents a business owns is its Client Agreement. Yet, so many business owners either fail to use one at all, or use one that they do not understand. It is imperative that you understand your own Client Agreement. If you do not understand it, then there is no meeting of the minds with your client and, therefore, no valid contract.

An agreement does not have to be written in hard-to-understand “legalese” and scare the client away. It should be professional, but easy-to-understand and enforce, and serve as a form of communication and understanding between the parties. This Client Agreement Template is just that.

Drafted by an attorney and professional organizer based on years of experience working with organizers as a business coach and legal consultant, you will be able to easily tailor it to your business needs. It is comprehensive in scope, including a list of clauses you may want to include in your Client Agreement, as well as an actual Template Agreement with the most common and important clauses written out word for word, making it ultra-easy to change a few words here and there and use it immediately! It also includes Editor’s Notes throughout to prompt you and assist you with customization, and two articles to explain some key topics.

And as a special bonus, it includes lifetime updates. Just like a GPS device comes with lifetime map updates, this product will be periodically updated and you will be alerted to any revisions. Protect yourself and your business, and demonstrate to your clients the true professional that you are by using a professional Client Agreement.

Independent Contractor Agreement Template (PDF and Word versions with bonus 75 minute audio & 1 accompanying article as a resource)

Are you using a virtual assistant, graphic designer, webmaster, associate organizer/coach/consultant/speaker, photographer, or other person to help you run your business? Then this Independent Contractor Agreement is perfect for you! Often times, business owners want to use contractors, but refrain from doing so because they don’t have the proper documentation in place. By law, independent contractors own their work product, unless you change that by agreement. With this well-crafted agreement designed to clarify the relationship between you and your contractors, and provide legal protection exactly where you need it, there is nothing stopping you from expanding your business and using contractors to work with more clients and increase your income. This product is comprehensive in scope, including a list of clauses you may want to include in your Independent Contractor Agreement, as well as an actual Template Agreement with the most common and important clauses written out word for word, making it ultra-easy to change a few words here and there and use it immediately! It also includes Editor’s Notes throughout to prompt you and assist you with customization, a 90 minute audio interview discussing the difference between independent contractors and employees, and an article covering the 20 IRS factors used to determine independent contractor status. And as a special bonus, it includes lifetime updates. Just like a GPS device comes with lifetime map updates, this product will be periodically updated and you will be alerted to any revisions.

Operations Manual Template (Word and PDF versions, with bonus 75 minute audio and ​1 accompanying article as a resource)

An Operations Manual helps a business to run without you if you become ill, take a vacation or go to a business conference. It provides the infrastructure that needs to be in place to effectively delegate without taking up too much of your precious time as the business owner.

An Operations Manual makes it easier to hire and train an employee or retain an independent contractor, delegate to an assistant, to yourself, or to the business itself. An Operations Manuals will not only help you run your business more effectively, but will help you start preparing for your exit strategy.

This template can be easily customized to match your business, but has enough content to prompt you as to what should be included. The bonus audio and handout will guide you in understanding the Operations Manual process in more detail. This is the exact Operations Manual Template I have used to run my business successfully for over 11 years (and that my clients hire me to help them create and customize). All you need to do is plug in your business content and start using it to run your business like a well-oiled machine!

Business Income & Expenses Log Template

Tracking business expenses is one of those tasks that not many entrepreneurs like to do, yet it is necessary for tax purposes and financial wellness. (Yes, even professional organizers have a hard time finding an easy-to-use system that helps to track all of the expenses that arise in business.) This customized (and customizable) Excel spreadsheet is tried and tested and will make tracking your business expenses a simple process.

The spreadsheet is comprehensive enough to track all business income and expenses for IRS purposes. In fact, this is the spreadsheet I have used to run a successful business for over 13 years. You can track income, billable hours (handy if you need a certain amount of hours for certification), source of the client (great for seeing where your advertising and marketing dollars are best spent!), and business deductions. At any moment, you can see your profit and loss in your overall business, how much you are spending per category, etc. It is a simple but powerful tool! I just give this to my accountant every year and she is able to fill out my Schedule C on my taxes very easily (and she loves how organized it is!).


budget_planningWith over 30 categories of business expenses and formulas already set, all of the work has been done for you. Just start inputting your numbers and you are ready to roll!

And as an added bonus, one of the very special benefits you receive by purchasing this product is lifetime updates. Yes, you read that right! Just like a GPS device comes with lifetime map updates, this product will be periodically updated by me as I either refine my own Business Income & Expenses Log or work on my clients’. If I notice something that should be added, deleted, or revised, I will alert you to it. How’s that for continued added value? 🙂


Don’t Be Afraid of the Big Bad Law: Use the Law as a Protective Shield to Bullet Proof Your Business

Looking for ways to use the law to protect yourself and your business? Look no further! In this audio program, Lisa Montanaro, business strategist and former practicing attorney, shares how to use the law as a protective shield to “bullet proof” your business. The audio is an engaging interview of Lisa that covers business entities, using independent contractors, client agreements and more. Don’t be afraid of the law — use it to protect your business!


Are you a professional speaker, or a budding professional speaker, who would love to look professional by having a Speaker Agreement in place to send to prospects and clients?

Well, you are in luck! This Speaker Agreement is professional and comprehensive, covering many of issues involved in a speaking engagement, but also easy-to-understand. Save yourself the work of having to create an agreement from scratch, and use this ready-made template which you can then customize to your needs.


Covering all of the details of a speaking engagement such as:

  • Logistics
  • Fee
  • Travel
  • Copyright
  • and much more…

This agreement template will enable you to book speaking engagements quickly and efficiently! Just swap out some simple things like the name of your business, your speaking fee, etc and you are good to go.

And even better… this is more than just an agreement. It is a handy checklist of terms and conditions to consider when booking a speaking engagement. The various clauses of the agreement will prompt you as to what to discuss during negotiations!

So if you want to be able to focus on speaking and not get bogged down in trying to draft an agreement from scratch for every speaking engagement, get this fabulous Speaker Agreement Template and make it yours.


Your purchase comes with the bonus Pro Bono or Reduced Rate Speaking Form. I use this form in advance of agreeing to an unpaid engagement. If you are doing an unpaid engagement, you may want to add in non-monetary means of compensation. That way, you are not really speaking for free but are getting something in return!


If you’re committed to achieving Center Stage Success,

I’ll help get you there.


These Template Agreement products are based on U.S. law and use New York state law as the state sample. Your business agreement terms and clauses may differ based on the state your business is located or incorporated, or where you are doing business. The best way to research state specific information for a business is to visit the Department of State for your particular state. The information provided in these Templates are not intended to be legal advice or representation, but merely convey general information related to legal issues commonly encountered in a business agreement. To obtain specific legal advice for your business, please consult with an attorney in your specific state.

Limited Copyright License

These products are to be used for your business only. You may not share them with anyone that did not purchase them, or sell them to others. If you want to use these templates beyond your business, either by copying, selling, or using them to create agreement(s) with your own clients, associates, or independent contractors (for example, if you are a business coach or consultant), you must become an affiliate of Lisa Montanaro Global Enterprises, LLC (LMGE). I will gladly pay you an affiliate commission if you love any of my products so much that you want to sell them on my behalf! Contact me to discuss this further. And remember, while this may be a legal issue, it is also a karma one… respect the investment you have made in your business by honoring the copyright of these products, documents, and materials, which are intellectual property.

Refund Policy

We hope that you will thoroughly love our products and services, but if for some reason you are not satisfied, please contact us within 7 days of purchase, and we will offer you the opportunity to select another product or service of comparable value.

There are no refunds available for any coaching programs. The reason is simple. The more committed you are, the more successful you will be. Please only enroll if you’re really ready to commit to being successful. Your engagement in coaching is critical to that success. We will help you get started and keep you moving forward, but it’s your responsibility to show up, to utilize your coaching, and to put the work we do together into action.