What is a Discovery Call?

I call it a Meet-and-Greet call. We’ll get to know each other and determine if we are a good match to transform your business together. I’ll be asking questions and getting to know you and your business, and at the end of the call, I will make recommendations to you as to what level of coaching (if any… I do “select” my clients!) would be the best match for you at this time.

What the Discovery Call is not…

A free coaching session. This is for the person who’s seriously considering working with me, and is able and willing to make the investment of time and money, so I ask that you please respect my time and approach this in a professional and respectful manner. I promise you I will bring my A game to the Discovery Call, as I will to the entire Platinum Coaching Level experience.

Please Note: Strategy Sessions and e-Coaching can be booked immediately online. All other longer-term coaching programs require a Discovery Call, so that we can make sure we are a good fit before we dive in and spend some time together.

If you want to dream big, stake your claim, and create the life and business/career that you desire and deserve, take the next step and book a Discovery Call!

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