The DECIDE to be Organized® Methodology

In my years of experience working with clients to improve their organizing systems, I have noticed a trend.  Disorganized people and organizations often have difficulty making decisions.  Indeed, these people and organizations get stuck in decision-making mode, causing delay and stress, which in turn leads to physical and mental clutter

We are bombarded with decisions on a daily basis; some vital, some trivial. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid decision-making if we want to function in today’s busy world.  What we can control is our ability to make decisions in a manner that ultimately frees us from all of the clutter.

I empower people and organizations to DECIDE to be Organized®, which is a unique 6-step organizing methodology that I created based on my many years of experience organizing and coaching clients.  Through the implementation of the DECIDE process, I co-create customized systems with my clients designed to achieve results at home, in business, and in life.  Considered by my clients to be an “intellectual organizer and problem-solver,” I am skillful at asking questions in a non-judgmental manner that help people and organizations find the answers to create a system tailored to their individual needs.

DECIDE is an empowering process that leads to change.  While the process guides a person or organization in making decisions that lead to a more organized state, it is itself a decision; a decision to take control.  Therefore, in order for it to be effective, you must decide to DECIDE — exercise the power that you have to move forward, and make changes.

My DECIDE methodology is facilitative and intuitive, and I am passionate in my dedication to coaching clients in how to create more space in their lives for the things they most value.

I help clients with productivity challenges such as:

  • Time Management (procrastination, calendar/software/app choices, over-scheduling, dealing with interruptions, saying no, delegation, prioritization, etc.)
  • Email management
  • Project Management
  • Paper Management
  • Filing Systems/Records Management
  • Trust/Estate Organizing
  • Systems/Workflow Improvement
  • Evaluation of Office Procedures
  • Creation of Operations Manua
Let me help you boost your productivity in your work and your life today!

[contentbox width=”50%” borderwidth=”2″ borderstyle=”solid” bordercolor=”0B0B7D” dropshadow=”1″ backgroundcolor=”F5F5F5″ radius=”10″]“I wanted to write and thank you for the help you have given me in our recent telephone coaching sessions! I’ve had various time management and organizational problems for some time now, but I never quite knew where to begin with solving them. I thought about formal classes, but of course, I didn’t want to take time out to attend them! So when I realized that you were available for phone coaching, I thought I would give it a try! After the brief time it took for you to assess my situation, I was very pleased with the number of easy and practical steps that you suggested to help me to become more organized, prioritized and effective. I was especially pleased with the tips you gave me to help bridge my paper and electronic information, which is essential to the way I live and work. Since I’ve worked on the steps you suggested to use my paper system to support my electronic system, and rely on a single source for my information and prioritized actions, I have been able to more effectively get my task lists completed on time and with much less stress!!!

I must say that the phone coaching sessions were effective and very helpful for me, and since that time I have been reading your e-zine/newsletter when it comes out for more tips and insights. Also, now that I have seen the value of having a subject matter expert help me with organizing and setting priorities, I am considered getting some more formal assistance. So, I strongly recommend to anyone that is struggling with organizing, time management, or prioritization issues, to get some help! No one should go it alone, especially when expert help is available to cut through all of their confusion and give them a new perspective! And I strongly recommend you, Lisa, as the expert they should choose!” ~ Mark A. Baker, Orchard Park, NY
Read more testimonials here [/contentbox]

Take Action

You can book a Strategy Session online if you know you want a targeted session and are ready to get started. Productivity Consulting is generally done in the form of one-on-one consulting via phone or Skype (or in person if we are close enough geographically).

Consulting slots are available on a first come, first serve basis. When I receive your payment, I will email you a pre-session questionnaire (Coaching Profile) so that I can become more familiar with what you want to work on and we can jump right in.

If you want to explore longer term options, such as VIP Intensives or my Platinum Level Coaching Programs, then let’s set up a Discovery Call to see what is the best match for you at this time.

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