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21st Century Tools to Boost Productivity

Confused by all of the emerging tools that you can use on your smart phone, lap top, tablet, and at-home computer? Want to figure out a way to use old fashioned methods combined with newer ones? Finding it hard to keep up, let alone stay ahead and master the ones that are best for you? Then this workshop is for you!

Learn tips, tricks and tools for boosting productivity, including electronic options, such as applications, software, and other technology-related programs. Designed to teach participants how to master technology, use it to their advantage and not let it take over their life! Many of us have powerful devices at our disposal, but don’t harness their power to boost our productivity. Learn the tools you have, expand your knowledge of what’s available, and ask questions to make sense of the ever-growing array of products available. Be the master of technology, not its servant!

Don’t Be a See-Saw Anymore: Go Beyond “Balance” and Engage in Life-Work Integration

One of the greatest challenges for busy, successful and creative people juggling several projects, talents and ideas is to live a well-rounded life. If only we could “balance” the creative and the practical, the personal and the professional, the urgent and the important. If only we could do all that is on our personal and professional ‘to do’ lists while simultaneously attending to our health, nurturing our important relationships, and taking good care of our responsibilities.

What if the whole concept of life-work balance is a myth that compels us to view an ideal life as a perfectly level see saw? On one side is your personal life. On the other side is your work life. With heroic efforts, you can keep both sides exactly level. If one starts to tip too far, you make some kind of nifty move that balances them again. In reality, that perfect balance almost never occurs, except for those rare, fleeting moments when each side passes each other on the way up or down — and we’re often too frazzled to appreciate that brief moment of self-actualization anyway. In this engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking presentation, Lisa challenges the status quo thinking of trying to achieve the ever-elusive quest of life-work “balance.”

Lisa asks participants to shed their old way of thinking and embrace an integrated approach to the life-work model. She inspires participants to stop trying to balance the mythical see-saw so that work and family demands and rewards are exactly even and, instead, take steps to integrate the two for greater happiness and control. What’s special about this presentation is that Lisa uses her performance background to engage the audience with clever and comical skits that deliver a powerful message with emotional impact.

DECIDE® to Be Organized! An Empowering Process for Change

The single most important characteristic that separates organized people and organizations from disorganized people and organizations is decisiveness.  In this entertaining and engaging keynote, Lisa will share valuable tips on how to effectively organize your time, space, paper and possessions by practicing good decision-making techniques, creating a system that works, and integrating the system into your life. This presentation empowers participants to discover their unique organizing style and develop organizing systems tailored to their individual work habits and life style.  You will come away with great new ideas that will help you achieve results at home, at work, and in life!

Make Time for This! Effective Time Management

Time is one of our most precious resources.  Yet we battle daily to make the best use of it.  This presentation addresses how to get more done in less time with less stress by maximizing your productivity and setting priorities.  Learn to pinpoint where you need to take control.

Improve your comprehension and focus and more effectively perform when juggling people, paper, and priorities.  Topics Include: self-assessment, tools of time management, how to say no, project lists and to-do lists, conquering procrastination, the myth of multi-tasking, and dealing with interruptions.

CULTURE: Creating a Positive Work Environment

In successful organizations, employees work together in effective and collaborative ways. Research demonstrates that workplaces that prioritize compassion, diversity in work styles, and other positive behaviors can increase employee job satisfaction, personal and organizational productivity, loyalty, and collaboration among employees at all levels of the organization.

Compassion for each other‘s needs and styles and having a “glass half full” attitude can make any job more enjoyable and rewarding. In this entertaining, engaging, and educational presentation, keynote speaker Lisa Montanaro guides participants in exploring the important connections between compassion, productivity, and positivity, and how these qualities play out in the workplace and in our lives. Drawing on cutting edge research as well as inspiring success stories and models, Lisa will empower participants to use the power of positive psychology in various forms to create a more compassionate, productive, and creative workplace.

Using practical strategies, participants will learn how to practice Proactive Productivity, discover and engage their Moral Compass, and develop a success-driven attitude. This presentation is designed to help participants deepen their connections to other people, and to be more proactive and productive in their personal and professional lives.

Mastering the Art of Delegation: Using the Power of Other People

One of the surest ways to become overwhelmed is to try to do everything yourself in the workplace. In order to grow and be more efficient and successful, you must learn to delegate. Mastering the art of delegation is the idea of utilizing the knowledge, strengths, creativity and ingenuity of all the people in an organization toward creating continuous improvement in the workplace. This workshop helps attendees learn to identify what tasks and responsibilities to let go of, who to delegate to (hint: you can delegate to almost anyone, including yourself!), how to effectively delegate, and the tools to keep track of the path of delegation.

Goal Setting for Success

Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal life/work, and for motivating you to turn this vision into reality. Discover how to set up benchmarks, choose an accountability partner, and get motivated. Learn how to identify and conquer the distractions that threaten to lure you from your course. Setting and achieving goals leads to increased productivity, greater happiness, and satisfaction at work. With tips that cover your business and personal life, this well-rounded program will get you on the right path to achieving your goals.

The Brand Called You: Personal Branding in the 21st Century

An interactive, inspiring, and informative presentation designed to assist participants in identifying their personal brand. Through interactive exercises and examples, learn what makes you unique, how to stand out from the crowd, and how to use your brand to be successful in your personal and professional life.

“So, What Do You Do?”: Perfect Your Elevator Pitch!

Never hesitate or want to run and hide when asked the question, “So, what do you do?” again. Learn how to create your unique elevator pitch, which is an expression of who you are, what makes you stand out, and why others will want to work with you. Discover what your Unique Selling Proposition is, your brand touch points, and how to convey what you do in a way that grab’s people’s attention and makes them want to know more. Learn how to tailor your elevator pitch to different recipients and situations.

Create Your Purpose, Live Your Passion

What did you want to be when you grew up? It is never too late to be who you meant to be! Are you afraid to even say out loud what you want for yourself this month, this year, or this lifetime? What would it be like to receive acknowledgment and support for your vision, not to mention a complete toolkit for getting exactly what you want? In this inspiring presentation, you will be introduced to and have the opportunity to dream big, stake your claim and begin to take action toward creating the future you desire and deserve.

Learn how to surround yourself with “believing eyes,” tap into your passions, and think holistically about how to be a multi-passionate person in your career/work, hobbies, volunteer opportunities, and travel. Through her own experience of following her dreams, and incorporating her passions into her career and business, Lisa shows the incredible strength and courage inside of us all just waiting to be ignited. Lisa says “Living your passion takes risk, but that risk is a small price to pay for being able to avoid a watered down version of your life and work!”

C’Mon Get Happy: The Power of Positive Psychology

Happiness and the field of positive psychology is a fascinating topic. It touches upon science, health, psychology, relationships, genetics, spirituality, and more. Authors, researchers and thought leaders on the topic of happiness all take a different slant on it, which makes it a rich and diverse area to explore.

Some of the research and findings are surprisingly powerful, and have a direct impact on us personally and professionally. Learn how to incorporate these principles into your life, career, business, and relationships. Join in on the discussion of this thought-provoking, inspiring and uplifting topic that provides a rich tapestry of research that is appealing and applicable to our lives.

Harvest Your Potential in Business: The 6 Pillars of Powerhouse Success

Are you ready to create a thriving business that fits into your personal life, and allows you to tap into your unique brilliance? In this entertaining and engaging keynote, Lisa delivers a full spectrum of motivating, inspiring and applicable techniques to transform your business. Based on her signature system, The 6 Pillars of Powerhouse Success, this keynote provides attendees with actionable steps and a-ha moments. Filled with innovative content, you will learn how to create your purpose and live your passion, while enjoying a profitable and productive business. Get ready to dream big, stake your claim, and create the future for you and your business that you desire and deserve.

Stand & Deliver: Dynamic Public Speaking

Want to learn how to be a great public speaker? Look no further! Learn how to conduct engaging, informative, and interactive presentations to audiences large and small. Discover tips to improve your oral and nonverbal communication styles, inspire and motivate participants, and exude confidence and enthusiasm, while establishing credibility. Whether conducting formal speaking engagements, trainings, meetings, or one-on-one discussions, this interactive workshop will teach you how to overcome your fear of public speaking and connect with your audience/listener. Lisa’s background as a teacher, lawyer, and performer has provided her with years of experience and expertise in speaking before live audiences.

Lisa is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), the premiere organization for professional speakers, and was voted number 1 speaker by participants at the 2008 National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Conference. Lisa’s presentations are informative, as well as interactive and entertaining. So get ready to have fun while learning how to be a dynamic speaker!

Develop a Can-Do Attitude: Success Principles Learned from Teaching the Deaf

The Deaf have a popular phrase: “I can do anything but hear!” This presentation challenges outdated stereotypes and belief systems, and inspires participants to develop a Can-Do Attitude. With some “deaf humor,” and entertaining anecdotes involving deaf family members and friends, as well as stories from her days as an instructor and interpreter for the Deaf, Lisa helps participants rid themselves of negative feelings that get in the way of their success. A real eye-opening experience, participants walk away feeling empowered. For a keynote, this is an inspiring snapshot into a unique world, and for a breakout/concurrent session, Lisa can go even deeper and add interactive exercises that drive home the impact of the message.

Take Control of Your Work Day: Get Organized & Get Things Done for the Busy Law Firm Professional

This workshop is similar to the other organizing and time management workshops that Lisa offers, but is specifically geared towards lawyers and the nuances of the work, billable hours, and professional demands that they face. This workshop can be offered for continuing legal education credit, as Lisa has been approved as a CLE provider in the past and is willing to work with your group to obtain approval for your event. This fast-paced and entertaining seminar provides practical techniques for managing time, paper, information, projects and yourself. Enhance your organizational and time management skills to become more productive, achieve your priorities and make more time for yourself.

As someone that practiced law for almost a decade in law firm and in-house settings, this is one of Lisa’s signature programs. It has been presented as an in-house training program to partners, practice groups, associates, paralegals, professional development and administrative staff.  Sometimes a law firm decides to focus the training on a particular group, such as senior associates, practice group leaders or brand new associates. On other occasions, such as at an off-site firm retreat, all lawyers in the firm or a practice group will participate. The program is customized for each firm through preparatory telephone interviews with selected lawyers and staff in order to obtain a cross-section of concerns to focus the training on the most important issues.

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