Platinum Level Business Coaching: 12 Month Package – $9999.00

Twenty-four (24) 90-minute coaching calls over 12 months, plus email support, materials review, accountability check ins, joint ventures, tickets to live events, entry to Lisa’s group coaching and mastermind programs, a kick off two-day VIP Intensive, and a wrap-up full-day VIP Intensive. This is the closest you can get to having Lisa as your business partner!

You are at a pivotal point in your business, and need to make some tough decisions. You need guidance and expertise.

Welcome to Platinum Level Coaching!

A sought-after business expert due to her background as an attorney, mediator, and trainer of entrepreneurs, Lisa Montanaro offers business coaching to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Part consultant, part coach — Lisa asks probing questions helping you to dig deep, but also gives expert advice, guiding clients to the answers they seek.

Offering an opportunity to brainstorm and problem-solve, Lisa helps clients resolve business issues such as:

  • Structuring your business and choosing a business model
  • Agreement or proposal writing
  • Package or project pricing and dealing with price negotiations
  • Marketing, networking & branding
  • Creating your Unique Selling Proposition, Target Market and Ideal Client
  • Leveraging your expertise by creating multiple streams of income
  • Establishing a strong online presence
  • Outsourcing and delegating
  • Classifying employees or independent contractors
  • Business processes/systems
  • Creating an Operations Manual
  • Difficult client situations/ethical dilemmas
  • Preparing your business for sale

The key is to help you focus on what you need in order to build your business, protect yourself, and enjoy your work!

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