What Makes Lisa Different From Other Speakers?

Very few speakers can pull off what Lisa can. A born entertainer, she captivates audiences by combining rich content with fantastic story telling, and Broadway flare singing, acting and dancing. Lisa took a big detour from her performing and spent 9 years as a lawyer. She is able to successfully and powerfully combine the creative side of the right brain, and practical side of the left brain, to connect with audiences on multiple levels and drive home learning.

Lisa delivers a powerful message with emotional impact — one that speaks to your soul and helps you Create Your Purpose, Live Your Passion. Lisa’s programs are designed to inspire audience members to embrace their own Renaissance Spirit by tapping into their creativity, innovation, originality, and authenticity. Participants consider dreams never realized and possibilities never investigated due to limiting beliefs that cause us to hold back, give up, and play small. Be inspired to live a better life, and enjoy a more fulfilling career or business. Unleash the power within each of us that frees us to create the life and work that we are meant to!

Through her own experience of following her dreams, and incorporating her passions into her career and business, Lisa shows the incredible strength and courage inside of us all just waiting to be ignited. Lisa says “Living your passion takes risk, but that risk is a small price to pay for being able to avoid a watered down version of your life and work!”

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll learn to live out loud!

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