Hands-on Residential Organizing with an LM Organizing Solutions® Associate

Over the years, I realized that it is never about “the stuff.”

In order to become organized, productive, happy, successful and fulfilled, you must be willing to change in multiple ways — your behavior, habits, goals, thinking and mindset. I recognized that I enjoyed, and was exceptionally skilled at, teaching and transferring productivity skills to my clients, and that I liked empowering people to do the actual hands-on work themselves. So I slowly moved away from hands-on organizing and now have organizing associates that work with clients that need side-by-side hands-on organizing.

If you have been a long-time client, colleague or “fan” of LM Organizing Solutions® and made your way here, you probably noticed the new “brand.” I no longer offer hands-on organizing in the same way I used to. My services in the productivity arena are now offered through coaching, consulting, speaking and writing. I teach and empower my clients to be more productive as part of the bigger picture of helping them to be more successful in business/career and life.

If you came here looking for hands-on organizing, expand your thinking and see if you’d prefer some coaching or consulting, or perhaps attend one of my workshops, purchase one of my audio programs or books to learn why you are disorganized, and how you can change your habits and behavior.
[contentbox width=”50%” borderwidth=”2″ borderstyle=”solid” bordercolor=”0B0B7D” dropshadow=”1″ backgroundcolor=”F5F5F5″ radius=”10″]“Lisa’s approach and expertise starts with understanding your current ‘process’ (what works and what doesn’t) and helping you define a more productive future state. The exciting part is knowing you’re going to arrive somewhere much better and the fun part is sharing in the unique solutions that get you there. Our sessions were logical, challenging, productive, and led to a greater sense of order and ease — freeing me to enjoy the really important things.” ~ Tim, Warwick, NY
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If you absolutely know you want and need hands-on organizing, my team of LM Organizing Solutions® Associates are happy to assist you in New York (within an hour of the New York metropolitan area), and in California (San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento and Davis area, Los Angeles area, and Orange County area). We offer half day and full day sessions. Packages are available if your project is large enough to require multiple sessions.

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