Get Creative with Entertainment Supplement

Big Event open handsFor those of you with an imagination and desire to offer a truly customized experience for your event, consider adding on the Get Creative with Entertainment Supplement. A “triple threat” actress, singer and dancer that has spent years on stage performing, Lisa is a full-service communicator that can deliver a unique experience for your event. As a performer, Lisa can offer entertainment as a supplement to your speaking program.

For example, host a Cabaret Night the evening before your event, where Lisa can perform a number of Broadway songs and standards. Or maybe you just prefer a number performed at the opening or closing of your event. Equally comfortable in fishnet stockings and dance tights as she is in a business suit, your audience will be amazed at the Broadway caliber performance Lisa delivers, which will give your event that extra pizazz to make it truly stand out with attendees.

Clients have added this creative option on for attendees that arrive early or stay after the event. The entertainment supplement can be offered as a free special event for added value to attendees, or the client can charge for the entertainment and keep the funds or donate them to a charity of choice.

Contact Lisa today if you are interested in this very unique Get Creative with Entertainment Supplement.

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