One exciting event and more than 100 gifts to wow you!
Written by Lisa Montanaro | February 5, 2013

This Giveaway Event has ended

Have you heard the buzz yet? The Skyrocket Your Biz Giveaway Event has opened its doors!

One of the 100+ high quality gifts totaling over $14,000 in value is mine, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Join us in the celebration of dreams, abundance, and entrepreneurial success here.

My colleague Martina Zorc of, the host of this incredible event running through February 28, has designed this virtual party to help you quickly and effectively jumpstart your business and leave behind any limiting beliefs or actions that might be holding you back.

In short, there’s a lot to get excited about, but you’ll have to sign up to see what I mean.

And, just in case you’re worried about getting overwhelmed by all these goodies – we’ve got you covered!

To make is super easy and exciting for you to get exactly the support you need and desire FAST, the gifts have been grouped into these 9 categories:

  • Boost Your Mindset And Confidence
  • Build Your Brand
  • Master Your Marketing
  • Get Publicity
  • Grow Through Collaboration
  • Attract, Enroll, and Keep More Clients
  • Increase Your Profits
  • Become More Efficient
  • Accelerate Your Results

And you can get my “gift”, Productive & Profitable Business Kit, which includes these amazing resources:

  • Stop Stepping Over the Elephant in the Room: 10 Tips to Boost Your Productivity (60 minute audio)
  • Lessons Learned: 5 Things I Wish I Had Known When Building my Business (60 minute audio)
  • Smart Business Growth and Planning: Take Your Business to the Next Level (75 minute audio)
  • Bold Business Moves: Next Level Business Success ebook

I hope you agree with me that 2013 is the perfect year to fall in love with your business and life all over again, and – with renewed energy and drive – boost your results beyond your wildest imagination. So, why not let the Skyrocket Your Biz Giveaway Event experts help you get started?

Register now, it’s FREE.

P.S. This event is NOT one of those events where you spend hours browsing through low quality gifts, or get overwhelmed right from the get go because there are so many pages of gifts to flick through. Learn why, and join the fun here.

Meet the Author

Helping others be the best versions of themselves gets me jazzed!

I’ve worn many hats in my lifetime—often at the same time—while enjoying fulfilling careers. I’ve been a performer, teacher, sign language instructor, lawyer, career counselor, law professor, coach, consultant, mediator, entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, writer, and author. 

I’m an eternal optimist and life-long learner, constantly researching ways to improve personal and professional effectiveness. And it brings me great joy to then pass on the results of that persistent curiosity to my clients and audiences. 

Of all the career hats I’ve been privileged to wear, my favorite is owner of this business since 2002. Why? Because it provides me the opportunity to work with wonderful organizational and individual clients. On any given day, I get to connect deeply with audiences, work with dedicated teams, improve workplaces, watch clients have a-ha moments, and know I’ve made a difference in their lives and careers. And that is very satisfying.