Painting Easter Red This Year!
Written by Lisa Montanaro | March 19, 2012

Easter may not be here until April 8th, but I am planning for it early this year. And while the typical Easter colors are usually pastel, I am painting my Easter eggs red! Okay, not literally… that would be strange. But I did get to use an awesome $50 Red Envelope gift card courtesy of Buttoned Up. I was asked to purchase something from Red Envelope and blog about my experience. Of course, I happily obliged as I’ve had a long love affair with Red Envelope. I’ve received several lovely gifts over the years from my sister-in-law from Red Envelope, including a year of wishes of candles and a year of seeds. And I bought gifts from Red Envelope for Christmas last year for two people on my list and they were quite the hit!

I just easily and quickly bought a beautiful Easter basket filled with fresh fruit, nuts, and of course, jelly beans (yum!). Check out the special Easter basket items offered at

I found the ordering experience simple. I like the Recently Viewed category at the bottom of the page that shows you what items you have already looked at. It saves me the time of scrolling through the items to try to remember which baskets I’ve already looked at. There are many different Easter-related items available, and some look truly delectable. I decided to stay somewhat healthy, but you don’t have to. Go ahead and get some of the delicious-looking baked goods to serve on Easter Day. So take a look and send a gift to a loved one, or choose an item for yourself. Happy Easter!

Full disclosure: This is sponsored content and I have been compensated to do this post in the form of a gift card. That being said, I do not blog about anything I do not believe in and Red Envelope did not edit this post or direct the content in any way.

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