Overcoming the Entrepreneurial Curse by Connecting with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs
Written by Lisa Montanaro | March 16, 2012

The greatest thing about owning your own business is that you are your own boss. The hardest thing about owning your own business is that you are your own boss! This is known as the Entrepreneurial Curse. And quite honestly, it is both a blessing and a curse. You have complete control over your business, and for many entrepreneurs, this is a great fact. But, it can also cause many entrepreneurs to feel like they are completely alone, with no one to help them along the way.

So what is a lonely entrepreneur to do? Connect!! There are many ways to make connections for your business. You can join a Mastermind group, create a Board of Advisors, join a business networking group, hire a business coach, work with a virtual assistant, get a business mentor, etc. The possibilities are many.

Recently, I attended a one-day retreat of local peer professional organizers. We have had a local group for years that we refer to as a Neighborhood. It is not an official chapter of our professional association, the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), but that does not lessen its impact. In fact, this group has been consistently meeting monthly for years. We have developed a core group of entrepreneurs that attend meetings to share ideas, brainstorm, support, and challenge each other on our entrepreneurial journey. This year was our first retreat, which we hope to make an annual tradition.

At our retreat, we engaged in roundtable discussion of three distinct topics: how our businesses have changed to avoid burnout, what makes us happy individually and professionally, and how to service clients that are on a limited budget in this economy. The discussion was intelligent, insightful, lively, and thought provoking. I left with so many fabulous, new ideas for my business. I also confirmed many other business ideas and beliefs, which is always gratifying. I felt inspired to take action on some personal and professional projects. But most importantly, I felt connected. Yes, there is an instant connection to these particular entrepreneurs that share my industry. But it goes deeper than that. They shared of themselves so freely, and we connected at a deeper level. And I feel changed because of it. I feel inspired to keep doing the work I am doing, and excited to incorporate many of the new ideas we discussed.

And that Entrepreneurial Curse, the one that makes many entrepreneurs feel like they are out there all alone? It seems to have taken a vacation, at least for the time being. That is what connecting can do for an entrepreneur. It keeps that curse at bay.

So next time you are feeling like you are all alone, remember to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs. They will remind you that you are not really alone, and that you can keep the curse from rearing its ugly head by continuing to connect.

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