Christmas Came Early for Me at Red Envelope
Written by Lisa Montanaro | November 15, 2011

Christmas came early for me this year in the form of a $75 gift card to Red Envelope courtesy of Buttoned Up. I was asked to purchase something from Red Envelope and blog about my experience. Of course, I happily obliged as I’ve had a long love affair with Red Envelope. I’ve received several lovely gifts over the years from my sister-in-law from Red Envelope, including a year of wishes of candles and a year of seeds. So, it seemed only fitting to use my gift card to get a gift for who else — my sister-in-law! (Shhh… Keep it between us until Christmas Day when I give it to her).

I must confess that I did get myself a little something too! And I even bought a small gift for one of my other sisters-in-law. This just goes to show how far your money goes with Red Envelope. Three items for $75! Not bad, right? Check out the special holiday items offered at

I found the ordering experience simple. I actually ordered from my IPad while in a moving car (don’t worry, I wasn’t driving!). My only suggestion would be for Red Envelope to add a feature allowing the user to “view all” when within a category. Call it the organizer in me, but I often like to get an overview of all items in a category when shopping online. Other than that, it is an aesthetically pleasing and well-designed website.

The item I purchased for myself is a set of really pretty pastel colored floral designed measuring cups.  See other products like these here. As someone that eats a health-conscious diet, I often measure my portions. Why not measure my food with a pretty measuring cup instead of a plain old looking one?

For my sisters-in-law, I got similar gifts that are whimsical and witty. I can’t quite spill the beans or I will ruin the surprise! But suffice it to say that they can both use their gift to stay more organized while adding to the overall design theme of their homes. I hope they both love their items! I’ll be sure let you know after they open them on Christmas Day.

Full disclosure: This is sponsored content and I have been compensated to do this post in the form of a gift card. That being said, I do not blog about anything I do not believe in and Red Envelope did not edit this post or direct the content in any way.

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