Summertime Organizing Tips for the Office
Written by Lisa Montanaro | June 28, 2011

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” ~ George Gershwin

Ah… nothing like summer. And I know you want to make lemonade, jump in the pool, go for long walks, and read some good novels. I plan to join you.

But not so fast. Summertime is also a perfect time to organize your office. Yes, I am serious! Many people experience slow times at work or in their business in the summer. Put that down time to good use. Here are some quick and easy organizing tips to organize your office this summer:

  • The Dreaded Inbox – Go through that dreaded, piled-high-with-paper-inbox once and for all. Yes, until you see the bottom of it. Sort papers into categories of Action, To Scan, To File, To Shred, Recycle, and Belongs to Someone Else. Then take action on each category as the summer progresses, so come fall, you will have dealt with all of the inbox backlog. Make sure to keep up with the incoming paper so the inbox doesn’t get piled high again this summer!
  • The Overstuffed Files – Go through all of your files quickly and efficiently to pull any papers out that are no longer necessary to keep, can be scanned instead or can be given to someone else to act on. This will make room for any papers that need to be filed from the inbox.
  • The Backlog of Phone Calls – Return all of those phone calls you have been meaning to return. Everyone will be much more relaxed over the summer anyway, and perhaps not too busy to take your call.
  • The Overstuffed Calendar – Take a look at your calendar for the coming weeks, months and rest of the year. Answer any invitations that you did not get to, plan ahead for any major events coming up, and say no to a few obligations that you now realize you jumped at too hastily.
  • Label Like You Mean It – Take the time to finally label all of your files once and for all. I highly recommend you use a label maker to label these files so they look clean and crisp, and are easy to read. The more professional your filing system looks, the more likely you are to use it! Check out some of the fantastic label makers and printers by Dymo so that you produce professional looking labels every time.

Full disclosure: This is sponsored content and I have been compensated to do this post. That being said, I do not blog about anything I do not believe in and Dymo did not edit this post or direct the content in any way.

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