Looking for Hoarder in NYC Area to be on New TV Show
Written by Lisa Montanaro | November 5, 2009

Discovery Studios, a division of Discovery Communications, Inc., is producing a new television series for TLC that examines the personal and family issues related to chronic disorganization and hoarding.  They are currently seeking people who have an interest in telling their story. One of the producers contacted me, and is interested in having me participate as an organizer on the show, provided I can find someone local (within reasonable driving distance of NYC metropolitan area) that will be a featured participant.

The series will explore various facets of hoarding through the personal stories of people who hoard and those who may live with a hoarder, along with insight from leading experts on this issue.  Situations can involve one, or multiple hoarders in the same family; people attempting to cope with a hoarding issue; or in more extreme cases, people who may be facing financial or marital distress due to hoarding.

The demographic that TLC is targeting is the person next door in middle class America. They would like to find middle-aged men & women, married or divorced, living with or without kids. Ideally, they are looking for interaction among people living together and how hoarding has affected their lives.

The goal of the series is to promote a better understanding of why people hoard, what steps can be taken to deal with the issue, and how a comprehensive exploration of this common problem can lead to positive change for the people involved. I understand the very personal, and sometimes embarrassing, nature of this issue.  The series promises to treat all program participants with respect and compassion. For those willing to participate, the show will offer assistance with finding licensed therapists, as well as professional organizers, who can offer support.

If you, or a family member, are a hoarder and are interested in being considered for the show (and you live in the NYC metropolitan area), please email me at Lisa@LMOrganizingSolutions.com as soon as possible, as filming starts in December 2009.  I will need photos of the inside and outside of your home, as well as a photo of yourself (and any family members living at home). Please also share a little bit about your “story” and what makes you a good choice for the show. If you are a good candidate for the show, I will forward your contact information to the producers for consideration. If you are chosen, then I will be assigned as your organizer for the show.

I look forward to working with you!

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